Snickerdoodle Sunday #133

Welcome back to Snickerdoodle Sunday Linky Party.  I love you all for coming each week and sharing your best posts.  Today is National Hamburger Day so this week's topic is"burgers I have known and loved."

This last week I've been in Las Vegas with my sister, Elizabeth, at her timeshare.  Both my sister and I came armed with a list of must-see/must do things in Las Vegas.  Finding the best burger experience in Las Vegas was tops on my list.  

Guy Fieri has a restaurant on the Strip called Guy Fieri’s Vegas Kitchen and Bar.  All right, I confess to having a secret crush on Guy Fieri.  He’s quirky, funny, and, oh, my God, that man can cook a mean burger.  He's known for his reality TV show on Food Network.  (Who doesn’t love watching Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives?)   His restaurant was one of the first places I wanted to try.  My sister isn’t a big burger fan so it was just my granddaughter, Elyza and I for lunch.

Guy’s restaurant is located in the Linq Casino and Resort which is in a great location right in the middle of the strip.  We valet parked and had a very short walk to the restaurant.  I was worried about the wait but we came at just the right time.  We were seated immediately.  (We were lucky.  When we were leaving I noticed that there was quite a line waiting to be seated.)

Walking through the restaurant to our table we passed the open concept kitchen.  It looked clean, modern and well managed.  It had a metal, tile, and wood theme.  The atmosphere was popping and full of energy—lots of TVs and a casual, fun atmosphere.  It definitely feels like a diner/bar restaurant.  I enjoyed the look of the restaurant and the table settings.  My 15 year old granddaughter definitely loved it.  Soon after we were seated, we were greeted by Nick, our server and he went over the late night menu and took our drink order.  The team service kept our glasses full and the plates moving. 

Elyza ordered the Motley Que Sandwich which was pulled pork on a toasted pretzel hoagie.  She convinced me to take a bite and it was rather tasty.   The bourbon brown sugar BBQ sauce was mild and I could tell it wasn’t bottled but fresh made.  The sandwich was stacked with a citrus slaw which she pulled off the sandwich but I liked it.   I thought it was probably the best tasting pulled pork sandwich I've had so far...and I've had a few.   But we weren’t there for pulled pork, we were there for the burger.



Let’s talk burger!  There were several on the menu, I chose the Original Ringer Burger.  The menu said “…richly marbled 100% USDA choice ground beef is smash-grilled so each burger is juicy and cooked to perfection…”  My burger lived up to the hype.  It came loaded with a huge crispy onion ring, something they called SMC (super-melty cheese), the usual—lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle—served on a garlic-buttered brioche bun.  The presentation was beautiful and the burger was absolutely delicious!   Ahhh!  Burger Bliss!

Both lunches came with quad fries (f!our different cuts of fries seasoned with this yummy BBQ spice.)  They were sweet, salty, with a touch of heat all at the same time. 

We are having a wonderful time in Las Vegas.   So many of the famous chefs have restaurants her.  I am hoping to eat at Giada's and Gordon Ramsey's before I go home.

Well, enough about me...let's get on with the party!


This week's feature is from Patricia Reazin at Reviews, Chews, and How-Tos.  It is the cutest little crocheted baby toy,  Check out her post, Ducky "Quack Quack" Crochet Pattern.


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